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The development of embedded devices or sensors networks always face a common obstacle: how to integrate this new network with existing ones?

The Multitel Multimodal Hub & Browser were developed to address these questions. The Multitel Multimodal Hub provides a central point of connections for your new network and a gateway to existing networks. It provides a two layer approach to solve a common problem. You can use a common communication layer in all components, even using different network protocols, moving the translation effort to the Multitel Multimodal Hub.

The Multitel Multimodal Hub is the central point of the new network, enabling operations like event filtering, composition and translation to be done. The Multitel Multimodal Browser is the configuration center and a window to the Multimodal Hub core.

The Multimodal Hub was developed by Multitel to easily interconnect different devices. During the OpenInterface European Project, the connection protocol was changed to support a new and open standard: The Multimodal Middleware Protocol.

The Multimodal Middleware protocol has an open source implementation on http://pmmh.sourceforge.net.

What's different in the Multitel's version?

Multitel provides commercial support and development for special needs. We can also port the Multimodal Hub to support new network protocols or new platforms. Our implementation was built using the best of software engineering to provide reliability and performance to your component network. We also provide a set of tools to trace, log and analyse the network traffic, as well as custom libraries to easy your component development.

What can you do with the Multimodal Hub?

You can use the Multitel Multimodal Hub to manage a network of components, where each component can be implemented by software or hardware. The Multimodal Hub is a central connection point for all components.

In a sensor network, the Multimodal Hub can be the central point to collect and manipulate data. As all components are connected to the Multitel Multimodal Hub, you can easily replace components, filter their messages or combine messages from different sensors and systems.

Using the Multitel Multimodal Hub, you can replace or add new components to your network easily and without stopping it. The Multimodal Hub allow runtime configuration changes and without restarts. You can use this feature to add a new logging facility or to monitor certain messages. You can also copy messages to different components to observe how they behave to the same input.

The Multimodal Hub also provides a common point of integration, where low level components can connect with a lightweight protocol and interface with higher level protocol like SNMP.

Why it is different ?

  • It provides an implementation and network independent protocol, so you can interconnect devices and components with different platforms or programming languages.
  • It allows filtering, composition and broadcast of events
  • The Multitel Multimodal Hub was optimized for reliability and speed
  • Can be customized to your needs

Available versions and platforms

  • J2SE
  • J2ME MIDP2.0
  • Android
  • Python

Interested in our services?
Feel free to contact our sales team: +32 65 34 27 19 ou +32 65 34 27 84 or by e-mail: commercial@multitel.be