The Certification department of Multitel is an independent laboratory for the ERTMS certification, specialized in testing solutions, as a support for the certification and validation of industrial solutions and components, in particular for the railway signalling sector (ERTMS). It provides R&D in the design of new tools (hardware and software) as reference for the whole railway sector.

The ERTMS Laboratory of Multitel complies with the European Regulation 765/2008 which states that new EVC equipment needs to be tested in ISO 17025 accredited laboratories. The Railway Certification department of Multitel has been the first ISO 17025 accredited laboratory (427-TEST) for EVC test following the Subset-076 (since February 2011) and for EUROBALISE/BTM test following Subset-085 (since June 2013).

Multitel participates in a number of ERTMS R&D activities, developing ERTMS tests solutions and services for the European Railway Agency and the European Commission, the industry and infrastructure managers. Examples of test solutions and services are:

  • Component testing: Subset-076 (EVC – onboard train computer), Subset-085 (Balise and BTM testing) and Subset-074 (STM) testing.
  • Maintenance solutions: balise quality of signal analysis tool and hardware, and services and testing facilities for the migration of train trackside infrastructure to newer standards.
  • Train/Track Validation: MultiRailLab can provide in laboratory early detection of train/track validation problems. Actually, we can provide full validation of new lines as well of new trains on existing tracks, based on project data, gradients, operational and engineering rules, balise and radio telegrams.

The Multitel ERTMS laboratory is also capable of testing complex environments, with multiple trains and its interactions with multiple onboard equipment (European Vital Computer – EVC), Radio Block Centres (RBC) or Interlock equipment (IXL), with our simulators or against real equipment (interfaces might need to be implemented in a case-by-case basis). These tests can be used to plan train traffic, test train/track interoperability issues among different manufacturers and to optimize resource consumption.

Multitel is participating in the TEN-T: FSED project (Facilitating and speeding up ERTMS deployment). In this project, Multitel works on the cross validation of multiple onboard and track implementations of ERTMS baseline 2 equipments, including the definition and test of operational scenarios of the main European Countries. Multitel is also responsible for the first baseline 3 onboard equipment certification.