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Since its creation in 2001, Multitel’s ‘Image Processing’ department has been highly active in the image and video analysis domain, through national/European research projects to commercial prototypes’ building. Our scientific skills range from low-level features extraction to high-level analysis and decision making. Besides our Research & Development activities, we also offer Services and Solutions in the image/video field.

Research and development

Services and Business

In the R&D context, we are interested by emerging technologies needed to obtain a numerical representation of objects within a scene and then allowing an automatic decision making (e.g. for detection of incidents, person tracking…).

More precisely, Multitel has a sgnificant expertise and interest in the following complementary domains:

Intelligent multimedia processing

  • multimedia data indexation and retrieval,
  • 3D modeling and reconstruction…

Surveillance-oriented video analysis

  • features extraction and analysis for semantic content modeling,
  • scenarios recognition for surveillance-oriented processing (tracking, intrusion detection, counting….),
  • tele-monitoring for home-care applications…

Performance evaluation

  • methods for objective automatic performance evaluation (ground truth vs result)
  • for all signal processing applications (event detection, object tracking…),

Enter Research and development Area

On the basis of the research results and expertise of the Image Processing Department, we also provide technology and innovative video solutions for private sector.

The main objective of such vision-based systems is to:

  • improve the efficiency and automation of processes through machine-vision solutions (product inspection, quality control, digitalization…),
  • provide new software technologies adapted to the emerging multimedia/surveillance areas and market.

Multitel has a great expertise in the several complementary domains

Machine Vision Applications

  • engineering of integrated vision-based systems for automated inspection (quality control, defects detection, archives digitizing…).

Video-based software solutions

  • intelligent video surveillance solutions for real-time monitoring (traffic monitoring…),
  • analysis and classification of multimedia data for efficient management of image/video content.

Enter Services and Business Area