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In the R&D context, we are interested by emerging technologies needed to obtain a numerical representation of objects within a scene and then allowing an automatic decision making (e.g. for detection of incidents, person tracking…).

More precisely, Multitel has a sgnificant expertise and interest in the following complementary domains:

Intelligent multimedia processing

  • multimedia data indexation and retrieval,
  • 3D modeling and reconstruction…

Surveillance-oriented video analysis

  • features extraction and analysis for semantic content modeling,
  • scenarios recognition for surveillance-oriented processing (tracking, intrusion detection, counting….),
  • tele-monitoring for home-care applications…

Performance evaluation

  • for all signal processing applications (event detection, object tracking…),
  • methods for objective automatic performance evaluation (ground truth vs result)

Image processing department folder

Achieved/Ongoing projects

Content Analysis and Network DELivery Architectures – ITEA CANDELA

Content Analysis and REtrieval Technologies to Apply Knowledge Extraction to massive Recording – IST FP6 CARETAKER

Safer European Level Crossing Appraisal and Technology – FP6 SELCAT

Safer European Level Crossing Appraisal and Technology – ITEA SERKET