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The main aim of the SELCAT project is to actively contribute to the reduction of level crossing accidents. Different solutions have been planned, like collect, analyze and disseminate existing research results, and explore new technologies and harness appraisal techniques to optimize these.
The main role of Multitel in this project was to deal with the reduction of the number of accidents in detecting potential dangerous situations at level crossing, like stopped vehicules on the level crossing.

Material for performance evaluation of content analysis of level crossing stopped vehicles detection

Scenario: Level Crossing (LC) stopped vehicles detection

These datasets are composed of 24 Hours of real sequences, showing a level crossing where some vehicles stop due to its particular configuration: on the right side of the LC, there is an avenue, parallel to the LC. So a traffic light is located just after the LC. Consequently, sometimes, vehicles stopped on the LC due to this traffic light. The Total Amount of data is about 7 GigaBytes. For each video files, there is a corresponding ground truth file.
See also SELCAT detection result video.
levelcrossing_20070809.155452.tar (1.4 GB) levelcrossing_20070809.155452.gt.tar (20 KB)
levelcrossing_20070809.200722.tar (1.2 GB) levelcrossing_20070809.200722.gt.tar (10 KB)
levelcrossing_20070810.000112.tar (2.9 GB) levelcrossing_20070810.000112.gt.tar (50 KB)
levelcrossing_20070810.101058.tar (1.7 GB) levelcrossing_20070810.101058.gt.tar (30 KB)

Related publications

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