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Machine Vision applications

Industrial actors aim at both the automation of their means of production and the improvement of the quality of the products. To fit these needs, a high rate control is possible thanks to machine vision applications. Moreover, this technology is also used in logistics (i.e. for reading an address or a bar code) and robotics by guiding tools thanks to the machine vision. The work flow generally consists in the following succession of operations: acquisition from one or more video cameras (in the visible field, in heat ranges, by x-ray, etc.), digitization and, finally, image processing for decision-making. For instance, a bottle with a damaged neck can be automatically ejected from its conditioning chain.
In Multitel, we deal with problems going from the manufacturing of automatic devices for the counting of documents to the analysis of staple products directly in the production chain, such as glass bottles.
For you, we are designing the system that will help you to improve the quality and speed of your production through prototype building. We can also update an obsolete vision system. We remain available for the tailor-made development of innovative solutions and will assist you from the writing of the specifications according to your real needs.

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Video Software solutions

On the basis of the research results and expertise of the Image Processing Department, we provide technology and innovating systems in the domain of intelligent video surveillance and efficient multimedia data indexing and retrieval.

The main objective with such systems is:

  • to improve the visualization and decision-making process of human operators and video surveillance systems, by providing technology to analyze video sources in real time and to understand scene content.
  • to help customers to filter, index, organize or adapt their data (TV broadcasting, surveillance, medical, archives…) in an interactive way, through analysis and classification of visual data content.

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