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Intelligent Video Surveillance

On the basis of the research results and expertise of the Image Processing Department, we provide technology and innovating systems in the domain of Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS). The main objective with IVS Systems is to improve the visualization and decision-making process of human operators and video surveillance systems. Technology allows the analysis of video sources in real time and the description and understanding of scenes with the help of image processing techniques.

Some examples of achievements:

  • Road traffic monitoring and automatic incident detection: with the technology developed by Multitel, authorities in charge of road traffic management and monitoring can receive accurate traffic information in real time. Moreover, security is improved thanks to the automatic detection of abnormal situations or dangerous behaviours such as a vehicle that would be stopped or driving the wrong way. Those functionalities are made by the analysis of images coming from cameras of the traffic network.
  • Perimeter protection and automatic presence detection: image analysis algorithms developed by Multitel allow the robust detection of persons or objects/assets, even in complex environments (external conditions, by day or by night). This kind of product can solve many issues in the domain of the security of goods and persons.
  • People counting: the counting system developed by Multitel makes use of images coming from a video camera to provide an accurate evaluation of the number of persons crossing a virtual line. The movement direction is also determined, which allows to produce precise statistics on the number of people visiting shopping centres and museums for instance.

Image/Video indexing and retrieval

Multitel’s expertise in analysis and classification of visual data will help you filter, index, organize or adapt that data in an interactive way, whether it is from TV broadcasting, surveillance, medical purpose or other.

In those fields, Multitel can provide you with the following:

  • problem analysis and feasibility study: With its mastery of the state-of-the-art in analysis and classification of visual data, Multitel can help you with the design and testing of new techniques. You can then answer questions such as “ What can be done to solve a problem with data retrieving “, “is that solution for indexing compatible with my system “, “ how could I adapt the state-of-the-art to my problem for customizing video content? “
  • systems prototyping: Thanks to our interactive research platform in video sequences, Multitel can test new methods for you and validate solutions meeting your specific needs.

Interested in our services?
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