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Multitel Image Department Workshops

The Multitel Image Department Workshops represent an opportunity to discuss on technological advances and research results in the fields of experimental and applied image and video processing. It consists in seminars, organized every year, and bringing together engineers and scientists from Belgium and Europe working in image and video processing areas.

Topics of interest cover a range of subjects, among them:

  • Image/video features extraction: Image filtering, image segmentation, video segmentation, stereoscopic and 3-D processing, motion detection and estimation, distributed features extraction and analysis
  • Image/video understanding: object modelling, semantic content extraction, object tracking, scenario/event detection
  • Image/video indexing and retrieval: Image and video databases, image indexing and retrieval, video indexing
  • Performance evaluation: Video dataset, ground truth and results, benefits, limitations and conditions of use metrics
  • Applications: Biomedical, Machine vision, Multimedia processing, Video surveillance, Home care, other applications

More about previous editions (Edition 2006, Edition 2007, Edition 2008, Edtion 2009, Edition 2010, Edition 2011).

Workshop 2012 – 26th June ! – Agenda is available here