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Applied Photonics

A continuous evolution making R&D always closer to the industry

The Applied Photonics Department aims at being a bridge between the academic research and the industrial world by turning innovation out of the lab into future products or services.

Fibre lasers

Multitel objective is to be a main european actor in design of next generation, cost effective, fibre lasers and amplifiers. Multitel has already achieved a large number of developments through European collaborations and has turned some of these achievements into prototypes and future products to be transferred to industry. This makes Multitel the ideal partner for European collaborations and for companies wishing to develop new solutions based on fibre laser technology.


Multitel develops customized solutions based on Optical Fibre Sensors (OFS) and
Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) for physical and (bio)chemical
sensing. Multitel’s know-how goes from the design and numerical
simulations, to the prototyping of the sensors, the opto-electronical
interrogation system and the signal processing.

Other R&D activities

Laser micromachining, material characterization (tomography, pump-probe
systems), THz imaging and spectroscopy are among the possible
applications of fibre lasers. Multitel is developing these activities in order to validate and optimize its developments according to the needs
and constrains of the final applications. Furthermore, these evolutions
are the examples of a vivid wish to always progress and expand the
domains of expertise of the center.


Multitel Applied Photonics Department is also always open to new collaborations.

Prototypes and services

On the basis of the knowledge and expertise developed through different research projects, the Applied Photonics department also provides various services:

Equipment calibration, Passive Optical Networks (PON) monitoring and training:


Expertise on fibre based solutions, laser processing and custom prototyping:


These services are offered in many application areas, including telecom networks, medicine, manufacturing, sensing, defence, space, aeronautics…