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Events and fairs:


EPIC Biophotonic workshop: “Intra-Operative Assessment of Tumor-Resection Margins”





In 2010, the Applied Photonics Department of Multitel participated to different events, in particular:

GLASSTEC in Dusseldörf with the Belgian Photonics Cluster. Our booth was dedicated to micromachning applications, in particular in glass and solar cells, includinga poster presentation of the ALPINE project.

ICT 2010, Multitel attended to the ICT event organized by the European Commission, for the presentation of the next calls of the 7th Framework Program, in Brussels from the 27th to the 29th of Septembre 2010. During the workshop, the last prototypes of the project OFSETH (Optical Fibre Sensors Embedded into technical Textile for Healthcare) were jointly presented with major prototypes from different smart textile EU projects, under the umbrella of the SysTex project aiming at enhancing the smart textiles sector in Europe. 

Photonics Europe in Brussels, where the project SABIO was
presented at the innovation village and a booth dedicated to fibre laser activities, presented the projects ALPINE and NEXTGENPCF.