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New projects:

APTACHIP – Aptamer array chip for monoclonal antibodies real time quantification in bioreactor

Type of Funding Scheme: EUROTRANSBIO. Starting date: end 2014, Duration: 3 years. www.aptachip.com

BIOBACTIL – Optofluidic biosensor for the immunological detection of bacteria in complex liquids

Type of Funding Scheme: WBHealth (Walloon region). Starting date: March 2014, Duration: 3 years.

ENVIGUARD – Development of a biosensor technology for environmental monitoring and disease prevention in aquaculture ensuring food safety

EnviGuard is a response to the growing need for accurate real time monitoring of the seas/ocean and the aquaculture industries need for a reliable and cost-effective risk management tool. The implementation of the EnviGuard system will allow for early detection of harmful algae blooms (HAB), chemical contaminants, viruses and toxins thus preventing economic losses. Type of Funding Scheme: FP7-OCEAN. Starting date: December 2013, Duration: 5 years. http://www.enviguard.net.

FIELAP – Full-Integrated Early-Life Automate Platform

Development of an automate to read Dried Blood Spots cards. See project description here. Type of Funding Scheme: EUROSTARS. Starting date: October 2013, Duration: 3 years.

CHARMING – Components for Highly Advanced time-Resolved fluorescence Microscopy based on Nonlinear Glass fibres

ICT, FP7 Project on the development of new integrated functions in fibres for compact and all-in-fibre sources applied to superresolution microscopy. Type of Funding Scheme: STREP. Starting date: September 2011, Duration: 3 years. http://www.charming-project.eu/

LANIR- Label Free Nanoscopy Using Infra Red

NMP, FP7 Project on the development of a Bench-Top infrared microscope with 70 nm lateral resolution, 3D imaging, automation and image processing for high throughput analysis. Type of Funding Scheme: IP for SMEs. Starting date: April 2012, Duration: 3.5 years. http://www.lanir.eu/

LASHAREFCPS- Laser Based Equipment Assessment – Flexible CIGS Photovoltaic Scribing

NMP, FP7 Project involving more than 30 SMEs from across Europe, with the same objective: to share knowledge on laser based equipment and its use addressing the whole value chain end to end. FCPS is one of the sub-projects of LASHARE and focuses on CIGS solar cells scribing with picosecond pulses. Multitel develops the laser source.
Type of Funding Scheme: FoF. Starting date: September 2013, Duration: 3 years. http://www.lashare.eu/

Other Eureka, Eranet and national projects like FRUITFUL or CANDI