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Expertise on fibre based solutions

Multitel Applied Photonics Department has a complete expertise related with fibres handling and applications. Our laboratories are fully equipped for characterizing, splicing, tapering any type of fibres. We can develop custom solutions for your needs. For instance development of a fibre based solution for splitting a broadband source in multiple channels; designed a fibre based solution for laser deporting in an industial application, realised special splices with Photonic Crystal FIbres, broadband Amplified Spontaneous Emission sources etc.

Multitel is also equipped on splicing and tapering systems for very large fibres and capillaries, permitting a broader range of services.

(a)  (b)


(a) Fibre taper, (b) splice between a standard fibre and a highly non linear Photonic Crystal Fibre, (c) multimode fibre combiner.