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Laser processing

The Applied Photonics department has developed several high power fibre lasers suitable for industrial applications. High energy and high average power sources can be developed and prototyped for specific applications based on Large Mode Area (LMA) optical fibres. Among the applications requiring high power lasers, materials processing is one of the most important representing around 70% of the total market of fibre lasers in the world.

Recently, Multitel has started developing an expertise on materials processing based on in-house and available commercial fibre laser sources. Today, the Applied Photonics department proposes femtosecond, picosecond, nanosecond and even CW laser material processing. The versatile processing system used at Multitel’s also allows adapting the laser beam parameters in function of the material and process constraints.

(a) (b)

(c) (d)


Pictures of different laser processes: (a) glass surface marking; (b) oxide decoating; (c) thin film solar cell scribing; (d) in-glass  data matrix; (e) welding of 100 µm stainless steel.

Multitel can offer a complete solution from the definition of the best processing parameters to "custom laser prototyping" in order to meet the customers and/or integrators’ specific requirements.