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Our engineers can perform calibration (according to the international standards) of the following optical equipments:

  • Optical time domain reflectometers.
  • PMD gauges 
  • Chromatic dispersion gauges 
  • Optical spectrum analysers 
  • Optical power meters
  • Optical sources
  • Optical attenuators
  • Wavelength meters

Advantage for the customer:

  • Short delay: maximum 5 days in our lab
  • Low cost
  • Detailed report delivered together with the measurements

Passive networks monitoring:

Multitel provides optical metrology (LAN, MAN, WAN, single mode and multimode fibres). The centre is fully equipped to perform high quality measurements as an independent expert:

  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR) at 850, 1300, 1310, 1550 and 1625 nm;
  • Chromatic dispersion and polarization mode dispersion characterization;
  • Spectral attenuation from 1250 to 1650 nm.

Advantage for the customer:

  • Complete characterization of your passive optical fibre network
  • Detailed report delivered together with the measurements


 Multitel offers a broad range of training courses, at different levels of complexity:

  • Introduction to optical fibre based transmission.
  • Introduction to laser safety.
  • Optical connections and fibre splicing.
  • Introduction to OTDR
  • Advanced practical approach on OTDR characterisation
  • Impairments in optical fibre links.
  • WDM technology (basics and advanced).
  • Optical amplification.
  • FTTH access technology.
  • HFC (Hybrid Fibre Coax) networks.

 We also offer training courses on demand in the area of photonics. For a complete list of training courses click here.

To subscribe to the trainings, call : +32 65 34 27 84 or e-mail : formations@multitel.be

Our services are ISO 9001 certified