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Fibre lasers


The global approach of the researchers of the Applied Photonics Department is to emphasize, as much as possible, the development of all-in-fibre solutions. Our activities include the design and development of Erbium, Ytterbium and Thulium fibre lasers and amplifiers; CW, narrow linewidth and pulsed (from nanosecond to femtosecond) innovative solutions to respond to specific needs in R&D projects. International collaborations in more advanced fields permitted to develop our knowledge and technology. In particular, fruitful collaborations have been launched with different research centers in Europe and abroad, in most of the cases, on the exploitation of non-linear effects in fibres.


MULTITEL fibre laser activities cover a wide range of applications. Beyond the R&D activities, the Applied Photonics Department also has the vocation to be a link between innovation and the industrial application. The Applied Photonics Department offers different types of services, custom prototyping and feasibility studies in many fields including fibre lasers. You can find more information and examples of laser prototypes and other services offered by the Photonics Department in the Business and Services page.