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SABIO - Ultra high sensitivity Slot wAveguide BIOsensor on a higly integrated chip for simultaneous diagnosis of multiple disease (FP6-IST funding)

SABIO is a multidisciplinary project involving the emerging fields of micro-nano technology, photonics, fluidics and bio-chemistry, targeting to contribute to the development of intelligent diagnosis equipments for the healthcare of the future. Sabio will address this objective through the demonstration of a compact polymer-based and silicon-based CMOS-compatible micro-nano system. It integrates optical biosensors for label-free biomolecular recognition based on a novel photonic structure named slot-waveguide with immobilised biomolecular receptors on its surface. This structure offers the possibility of confinement and guidance of light in a nanometer-size void channel enhancing the interaction between an optical probe and biomolecular complexes (antibody-antigen).

Contract Type: Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP); Budget: 3.67 M€; Execution: From 2006-01-01 to 2008-12-31; Duration: 36 months; Ref: 026554; Status: Completed


Lab Chip, 2010, 10, 281-290

P3SENS - Polymer Photonic multiparametric biochemical SENsor for Point-of-care diagnostic (FP7-ICT)

P3SENS is an ambitious and highly innovative R&D project, funded by the ICT Directorate in the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission. As a multidisciplinary research project (including photonics, microfluidics, biochemistry and materials science, amongst others) P3SENS aims to develop high-performance, multichannel optical biosensors, which will be used for early detection of brain diseases (for instance, to prevent the occurrence of ischemic damage as a result of stroke). The project shall contribute to the development of a versatile tool for performing early screening tests in non-specialized infrastructures (e.g., Point of Care) before unambiguous identification in a specialized laboratory.

Contract Type: Collaborative project (generic); Budget: 3.63 M€; Execution: From 2010-01-01 to 2012-12-31; Duration: 36 months; Ref: 248304; Status: Execution


BIOSE - Développement d’un Biocapteur Optique à Sensibilité Elevée pour la détection rapide ambulatoire de pathogènes dans les liquides biologiques (Walloon region - WALEO3)

The objective of BIOSE is to develop a high sensitivity and multiplexed biophotonic sensor on polymer substrate for the diagnostic of meningitis.

Contract Type: Walloon Region - WALEO3; Budget: 1.2 M€; Execution: From 2009-09-01 to 2012-08-31; Duration: 36 months; Status: Execution

Health or Environment Monitoring

OFSETH - Optical Fibre Sensors Embedded into technical Textile for Healthcare (FP6-IST funding)

The aim of OFSETH is the integration of the optical fibres related technology into functional textiles to extend the capabilities of wearable solutions for health monitoring. This project represents a new challenge : the possibility of realising wearable optical devices for monitoring the health parameters of patients

Contract Type: Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP); Budget: M€; Execution: From 2006-03-01 to 2009-09-30; Duration: 36(+12) months; Ref: 033793; Status: Completed


PHODYE - New PHOotonic systems on a chip based on DYEs for sensor applications scalable at wafer fabrication (FP5-IST)

PHODYE aims at the development of a new family of sensor devices combining dye sensor films and photonic structures. Eight different academic and industrial partners from four different European countries participate in the project.

Contract Type: Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP); Budget: 3.51 M€; Execution: From 2006-10-01 to 2009-08-31; Duration: 48(+6) months; Ref: 027869; Status: Completed


ENVIMEDIA (MEDIATIC) / Platform for health and environment (FEDER funding)

Open platform integrating lasers, sensors, technological components and systems for the detection, measurement and recognition for air quality monitoring, noise pollution monitoring, healthcare monitoring of the elderly at home, imaging and medical care.


Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

HPP - High Performance Polymer (ERA-NET CORNET funding)

The aim of the project “High Performance Polymers” is to achieve parts made of High-Tech Composites, based on short carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastics, with an integrated failure monitoring. The development process is accompanied by simulation techniques in order to get optimized parts.

IFOAM - Integral Foams - Processing and modelling of carbon fibre reinforced polymers with integrated failure monitoring (ERA-NET CORNET funding)

The innovative target of this project is to develop a software tool for advanced simulation of crash-relevant parts made of integral foams like polyurethane or other foamed polymers. Optical fibre based strain sensors will be embedded inside the polymeric material structures, which enables an in-situ monitoring of the polymer from the curing stage through its lifespan and till it breaks down.


TRANSMEDIA (MEDIATIC)/ Platform for Aeronautics and Transport (FEDER funding)

Open platform integrating sensors, technological components and systems of detection, measurement and recognition for the quality control, maintenance and monitoring of structure and infrastructure in the industry and in the transport and aeronautics sectors.



BARBRA - Matériaux à dilatation négative pour le développement de Boîtier Athermique pour Réseaux de BRAgg (Walloon region - WINNOMAT)

The objective of BARBRA is to develop a negative dilatation packaging for Fibre Bragg Gratings (FBG)